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Dogsledding & Skijoring

Posted by on Tuesday, 11 June, 2013

Thursday Jan 3, 2013

A new adventure we tried today. We had done dogsledding before with lots of fun. But this time we decided we would try skijoring.

This is cross country skiing getting pulled by a dogs.

So today we drove to Sundridge to go Dogsledding and try out Skijoring with the group.

The drive was about 3 hours, but the roads were clear except when we went off the highway.

Together with Ed Schmidt from Sugardogs Adventure and Chantal and Derek and me we got the dogs and the sleds ready.

Because the snowplough just passed Ed decided that he would take some of the dogs in the truck as the salt wouldn’t be good for the ski’s to go on.

The dogs were very excited and because it was nice and slippery and easy for the dogs to run, they took off in high speed with me and Derek on the sled.

After my tumble I went in the car and started again at the trail

At the trail start point, the snow was nice and thick and fluffy.

Derek got hooked up on Niko, a young female 2 year old puppy for skijoring

Ed had a father daughter team, Fuusuke and Onyx


Chantal had a 4 dog team

And I had a 5 dog team – in the front Sakura (white dog) and her daughter Cougar.

In the second row I had Sumatra and Sable another mother – daughter team.

At the end Bandita, also a daughter of Sumatra


Bandita really enjoyed playing during the break, while Cougar would lay down, almost looking ‘sick’ but that was her way of attracting the people to come and pet her.

All other dogs would bark and jump and be super excited while Cougar would snuggle in the snow and lay down.

We took a trail over a frozen lake.

The lake was a bit scary as there were some slush patches on top of the frozen ice.

But what an incredible experience!!!!

After the break Derek was last, so I was able to take some pictures of him skijoring.

At one point Derek tried to pass me while I was filming him. And even though my team was standing quietly still and my foot was on the brake, the dogs got so excited when he passed with Niko that they took off immediately leaving me in the snow behind.

A short trip today, because Derek had never skijored before, but he was a pro at it and had a good control over the dog and totally enjoyed it.

It was an incredible adventure with Sugardogs again.