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Outdoor Adventures for Women

Wilderness Wanderings organizes day and weekend trips as introductory outdoor wilderness adventures for women. All trips are in Southern Ontario, are led by certified guides and are geared to fitness levels of participants. For the more experienced canoeist there are trips in Northern Ontario.
Day Hike
Weekend Hike
Winter “Quinzee” Camping Weekend
Day Canoe Practice
Weekend Canoe Trips
Weeklong Wilderness Canoe Trips

Bruce Trail Day Hike

An exhilarating way to experience Fall’s glory or the sites and sounds of Spring!

On this 4-6 hour hike, we’ll explore the spectacular rocks and cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment. Visit the gorgeous look out points with breathtaking views. Explore spectacular rock formations and walk among 300-year-old Cedar trees. At break time learn how to plan a successful backpacking trip.

Fee: $30 + GST, minimum 4 people. A healthy snack and a light nutritious lunch will be provided.

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Bruce Trail Weekend Hike

Sleep beneath the stars on this two-night backpacking trip that begins Friday evening with a short hike to the camp site.

Enjoy a hearty breakfast Saturday morning before exploring the crevices of the keyhole side of the Bruce Trail. We discover and enjoy great outlook points and views on the cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment. This will be a thrill and a life time memory.

In the Fall, the coloured leaves provides a spectacular vista.
In Spring you will be astonished with the new fresh growth and the snow covered crevices.

Saturday evening we set up camp at Devils Glen Conservation Area. Recapture the day and share the day’s experiences around the camp fire (weather permitting!).

Sunday after breakfast we leave.

Fee: $150+GST, minimum 4 people.  ($50 non-refundable deposit required.)
Meals and tents are provided.
Sleeping bags, mattresses are available for a small rental fee.

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Highlights of Fall Hikes

Winter “Quinzee” Camping Weekend

Ever wondered what it’s like to sleep in a “Quinzee”? A quinzee, or snow hut, is a hollowed out mound of snow and you’ll learn to make one on this extraordinary weekend away.

Every woman should experience winter camping at least once in her life time, it is enlightening and empowering.

We’ll spend Friday evening in a heated cabin.
After a delicious breakfast on Saturday, we’ll build the quinzee, go snowshoeing or tobogganing, and warm up with some indoor crafts. We finish the day with a warm dinner, good camaraderie and relaxation.
You’ll have the option of sleeping in our self-built quinzee, or stay inside the cabin.
Sunday morning we enjoy a relaxing breakfast and reflect on our experience of snow activities and we’ll have fun demolishing the Quinzee!

Fee: $250+GST, minimum 4 people. ($50 non-refundable deposit required).
Meals and snowshoes are provided. Winter sleeping bags or inserts are available for a small rental fee.

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Highlights of Winter Camp


A variety of 1 1/2 hour workshops are given throughout the year. An assortment of subjects are there to choose from:

  • How to pack a backpack
  • Equipment, sleeping bag, matress,
  • Outdoor stoves
  • Winter camping and equipment
  • Tent purchase and Tent care

Fee: $20+GST. Including refreshments and hand-outs.

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Day Canoe Practice

Come and understand the dynamics of the canoe.

Learn effective canoe paddling. Play canoe games see how safe and stable they really are. Rescue and get rescued out of a tipped canoe. Learn all the parts of the canoe and the paddle and how to manoeuvre a canoe on a lake or small stream. Safety skills will be discussed and are part of this session.

The whole experience is approximately 4 hours including 2 hours of canoe time. Should you want to rent the canoe for longer amounts time, the possibility is there.

Fee: $75+GST, minimum 6 people ($25 non-refundable deposit required).
Healthy snacks will be on hand. Canoe, paddles and safety equipment will be provided.
Don’t worry …… a gear list with appropriate clothing will be send to you when you sign up.

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Canoe Trips on the Saugeen River

Here is your chance to be introduced the River Experience, small creeks, rapids and deltas. Famous sand bluffs where swallows nest, not to mention a great place to find wildlife, like raccoons, beavers, and muskrats. 

We offer two options:

  • 2 Day trip from Walkerton to Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area (62 kilometres)
  • 3 Day trip from Walkerton to Southhampton (86 kilometres)

Here’s a brief overview of what to expect:

  1. Day 1 – we pick up canoes and meet in Walkerton, do an equipment review and go over the emergency procedures. Then it is time to have some fun including paddling through some small rapids and maybe even some bodysurfing.  Find a place that is suitable for the whole group – set up camp – dry equipment and have a nice relaxing warm dinner.
  2. Day 2 – the adventures continue with a stop-over in Paisley for ice cream and then we hit the river again ending with a hike to the famous Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area lookout.  We finish the two day trip by returning the canoes and shuttle back to the starting point.
  3. Day 3 trips include exploring lots of little creeks where the river meanders out, finally reaching Southhampton where we are shuttled back to the start of the river.

Fee:     2 Day Trip: $250+GST, minimum 4 people. ($50 non-refundable deposit required)
            3 Day Trip: $350+GST, minimum 4 people. (($50 non-refundable deposit required)

Meals, Tents and Canoes are provided.
Sleeping bags, mattresses are available for a small rental fee.

Don’t worry… a gear list with appropriate clothing will be send to you when you sign up.

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Wilderness Canoe Trips in Ontario’s North

Discover the beauty and serenity of Ontario’s Great North with Wilderness Wanderings canoe trips to either Temagami, Chiniguchi River and the beautiful Wolf Lake or the Spanish River.

Trips are between 5-10 days depending on the location, the dynamics and experience of the group and the environmental conditions.  

Please see below pictures of past trips so that you can explore the experience yourself.

Highlights of Temagami canoe trip
Highlights of Chiniguchi River and Wolf Lake trip
Highlights of Spanish River trip

If you are interested in accompanying us on our next Northern adventure, contact us directly via email.

All Wilderness Wanderings’ northern excursions include hiking, portaging, wilderness camping and taking in the spectacular wonders of the Canadian Shield.  All northern trips are for the more experienced canoeist.

For more information about Wilderness Wanderings outdoor adventure trips, Contact Emmy.