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“Came home last night full of wonderful stories about our amazing weekend and lit your soap-scented candle for everyone to enjoy. Oh what a feeling of joy came over me!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU one more hundredth time for all your TLC, expertise and enthusiasm you put into making this past weekend soooooo extra special for me. I now appreciate just how much work, thought, planning and energy went into it on our behalf.

I truly don’t remember the last time I laughed so much. Whether it was over you boogie-ing-down ’n singing soooo happily to your Mardi-Gras music, having quincy-building snow fights or sled races…. The weekend not only rejuvenated the kid-like me but lifted my spirits 120%.

You are truly gifted with a passion for camping. Thanks for sharing a great thing CP! I know you will be a huge success with your Wilderness Wanderings business, after having sampled it this past weekend.

Wishing you ALL the well deserved success in your new busines adventure!!!” Cheers.”

- Jenn

That is amazing!! I shared my experience with my program today and everyone was very intrigued. I told them that it helped me feel like I can survive in the cold winter and sleep outside, then I can survive my depression as well. It also gave me a new sense of energy and strength. I was struggling a little but that weekend helped me get out of a rut and was such a drastic change and so much fun it turned me around. I definitely like the winter now that you have given it a purpose to me. I see the snow differently now. I would love to incorporate my passion for dog sledding with winter camping some day!!”

Love your Qunzie-Mate”

- Louie

“Thanks so much CP, for giving me this opportunity… to enjoy nature, spend time with others and boost my seritonin levels! A natural ‘anti-depressant”

- Dawn

Feedback from preparing group and leaders for adventure outdoor activities

“You got me doing things that I have never done before. It was stressful for me at the time, because I did not have the skills, experience or confidence. You opened my eyes. I am a different person because of you. I take more risks, test myself more, and am more open to trying new things.
Thank you!”
– Diane Edney

Feedback from winter camp – building and sleeping in Quinzee and outdoor activities

“It was hard work but an incredible feeling of accomplishment. Something I would never think was possible. It helps me appreciate nature and using the earth’s gifts…in cooperation with nature.”

“I liked best building the Quinzee, leaning something new, being outdoors. Having fun snow shoeing and tobogganing.”

“Emmy, what an awesome weekend all in all. You’re a real inspirational leader. You’re enthusiasm for winter camping is contagious!!”

“Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!!”

“I liked being outdoors the best, being one with nature, discovering my personal strengths and limitations.”
- Emmy and Elora

“Thank you for sharing your expertise in Quinzee building.”

Kelly Towsley

“Thanks for your help! It was a great learning experience and would make a great commercial.”


“All the way wet! Thanks”
– Nikki Nine

Emmy, tThanks for your kindness & wisdom”
– Kristina

Feedback from Workshop “Preparing for a Moving Camp”

“It was inspiring, I can’t wait to get out camping”

“Amazing – Can’t wait to go on a canoe trip with my group and take Emmy as leader with us!”

“Emmy offered to assist with future camp – Emmy was well organized and was able to answer important questions”

“Emmy is always fun to learn from!”

“Workshop was good for inexperienced campers to learn more and get confidence that there is help out there. Question period was valuable”

Feedback from Workshop “How to pack a Backpack”

“Wow I had no idea you could pack so much in such a small space. Very informative. Thanks Emmy”

“Excellent information to show us how to pack for 3 different kinds of camps:

    1. Weekend hike
    2. Weeklong canoe trip
    3. Overnight camp”

“Very interesting”

“Good information – great demonstration of equipment, supplies needed”

“Information about gear, sleeping bags, boats and how to pack  Wow I really enjoyed it.”

“Loved the ideas how you showed us dehydrated food and how it packs so much smaller and lighter”

Feedback from Workshop “From Buddy Burner to Camp Stoves”

“Tons of information and new ideas”

“There was lots of info on different ways of cooking at camp. It was also fun making the solar stove.”

“Great handouts, many samples to see. New ways of cooking. Great way of building pizza solar stove. I think Emmy covered everything”

“Suggested foods to cook on various stoves, very helpful information.”

“Wow I didn’t realize how high the temperature gets in a home made box oven.”

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